General Motors Diet Review – Pros and Cons of the GM Diet

General Motors Diet Review - Pros and Cons of the GM Diet

General Motors Diet Review – Pros and Cons of the GM Diet


The General Motors diet is the closest thing to a diet myth there is. This program, named after one of the most famous of US companies, and supposedly created for its employees, has an origin shrouded in mystery.

General Motors itself has never admitted that the GM diet, as it’s known for short, is indeed connected to the company at all.

Nevertheless, this diet plan is widely known and isn’t likely to change names any time soon.

The General Motors diet is a strict nutritional plan for 7 days. Each day has its own specific allowed food items which are combined in intriguing and unorthodox ways. The diet is restrictive but may lead to a fast weight loss. Whether this is a short term or a long term weight loss is unclear.

As this diet has no known creator, there is no where to turn for questions on why it works, and how these specific food choices were made. However, it is quite clear that this plan has both good and bad points which any man or woman who wish to use it should know about.

General Motors diet pros and cons


  • The GM diet is free as it doesn’t belong to anyone. It can be easily found online.
  • All of the dishes are easy to make so it’s right for busy people
  • All the food is affordable so this diet will not hurt your pocket
  • The guidelines are easy to understand and apply
  • Can help you to lose weight


  • The diet is restrictive and will not be easy to stick to for long
  • There are no exercise guidelines included in the program
  • As the diet doesn’t belong to anyone, there is no support system for this diet. You need to figure things out for yourself.
  • Due to its being a low calorie diet, you may experience metabolic slowdown which will make it more difficult to maintain your weight loss into the future

Overall, reviews of the General Motors diet are mixed. It has certainly worked for some people but it’s not a lifestyle plan, but is more suitable as a quick hit sort of program to help you shed some pounds fast. The appeal of the diet is its simplicity, the fact that it’s free, and the name of it which still signifies something profoundly American. However, there is no doubt that the GM Diet is not perfect as these pros and cons show.


Source by John Davenport

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