7 Ways To Eat Gluten Free On A Budget

save money and eat gluten free on a tight budget

7 Ways To Eat Gluten Free On A Budget

I wrote 7 ways to eat gluten free, because we all know how expensive it can be to eat gluten free on a budget. Sales on Gluten Free products are few and rare. Even when there is a sale a lot of times you have to buy more than one of an item to get it, or it is for a product you don’t need. I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there; pasta is on sale and you don’t read the fine print…. excluding gluten free pasta varieties. Why is gluten free food so expensive? I don’t know. Maybe becuase it is a niche market, or maybe because its a hot topic nowadays. Regardless of the reason if you don’t watch whats in your cart you will be spending more trying to eat gluten free on a budget than you would buying the same groceries non-gulten free without a budget. I could go on and on about how expensive gluten free bread is (especially when it goes bad so fast), but i’ll digres. Here are a few tips to eat gluten free on a budget that will not break the bank.

1. Eat Natuarlly Gluten Free Foods.

Think fresh foods like Fruit, Vegetables, and meat are all natuarally gluten-free. There are also plenty of naturally gluten-free foods, even if you’re a carabaholic. Rice is a great example of a staple dinner carbohydrate you can use to bulk up a meal. You can cook plenty of filling meals without resorting to wheat based breads or pastas. Anything pretty much goes as long as its not grain based.

2. Read Ingredient Labels.

You might be surprised to find that many foods in the regular non-gluten-free supermarket asiles are already gluten-free, and don’t come with the speciality asile price tag. In my opinion this is one of the best ways to save. However, if you suffer from Celiac’s Disease you might want to learn more about the product before buying, because there is a risk of cross-contamination. Many popular products are processed on the same equipment that process gluten based products and for someone with a severe gluten allergy this could be a problem.

3. Don’t Buy Gluten Free Alternatives.

Avoid spending on gluten-free alternatives if you can (there is one for almost every product.) You can most likely live without a chocolate chip muffin every morning. Although the occasional treat is fine, you definitely want to avoid buying them all the time if you’re trying to be economical. When it comes to breads and baked goods sometimes it will be inevitable, but when it comes to gluten-free foods remember “Tip #2”; or the next tip.

4. Cook From Scratch.

Cooking from scratch always ensure you get the most bang for you buck. Whether, it is gluten-free or not. We have plenty of great recipes for you to try out.

5. Avoid Wasting Gluten Free Items. Freeze Them!

Many gluten-free foods like bread can be easily frozen to preserve them for later. There is no reason not to do this. Especially when it comes to gluten-free bread or baked goods. Bread is easy to freeze and lasts a few months in the right freezer conditions.

6. Stick To Your Grocery List.

The Golden Rule of shopping applies to all forms of shopping. Make a list and stick to it. You should always only buy what you need and avoid impulse buys. This can be difficult, but it’s a fool-proof way to save money.

7. Buy Gluten Free Food Only For Those Gluten Free.

There is no reason to buy huge quantities of gluten-free food when only one person in the household is gluten-free. Only buy enough for that individual. It might be extra prep work, but the savings will make up for it.

Stick these simple rules and you will save money on your next gluten-free shopping trip.


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